DVD: Ultimate Scandinavia (with Planet Food Scandinavia)

DVD: Ultimate Scandinavia (with Planet Food Scandinavia)
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In this Ultimate Double DVD guide to Scandinavia, Megan McCormick, Ian Wright and Neil Gibson explore Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lapland, Finland and the Baltic States.

Featuring the Globe Trekker programmes...

Globe Trekker Denmark and Sweden

In Sweden and Denmark, host Megan McCormick explores Copenhagen, taking in the city's sights, enjoying a traditional Viking festival and hanging out in Christiania, Europe's largest commune located in the heart of the capital. A drive across the Oresund Bridge brings Megan to Sweden and Lars Wiilks self proclaimed country Ladonia, home to the monumental sculpture Nimis. She visits Tvarno to get a taste of the Swedish countryside and ends her journey in Stockholm getting acquainted with Swedish icons, Alfred Nobel, ABBA and tennis legend Bjorn Borg.

Globe Trekker Norway & Lapland

Globe Trekker Ian Wright braces himself for the cold and begins his journey high on a cliff in Stavanger to witness extreme base jumping Norwegian style. Traveling via Bergen and Voss he reaches the mountain resort town of Stryn where he tries his hand at telemart skiing. He crosses the Arctic Circle into Lapland and finds himself the dinner guest of a Sami reindeer farmer in his family's traditional Norwegian Labu tent. Ian's journey ends near the North Pole with an ice diving trip on the remote island of Spitsbergen.

Globe Trekker Finland and the Baltic States

Globe Trekker Neil Gibson visits the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and continues on to Finland. His journey begins in Vilinius, the capital of Lithuania where he visits the huge Garunai flea market. Before crossing into Latvia he visits Kernave and Siauliai. In the Latvian capital Riga, Neil finds out why the city is know to some as the Paris of the Baltics.


Planet Food Scandinavia

The producers of Globe Trekker and presenter Merilees Parker takes you on a culinary tour of Sweden and Denmark to learn how the region's unique cuisine has developed over the centuries.

  • Planet Food Scandinavia

  • Treks in a Wild World: Trekking in Lapland

    Also from the producers of Globe Trekker and trekker Holly Morris take you on an exciting journey across the Norwegian Arctic. Traveling by dogsled from Alta, Holly spends two nights in the Arctic wilderness and picks up some essential survival techniques. After attending the annual Sami Easter festival in Kautokeino she joins a local family move their reindeer herd north to their summer pastures.

  • Trekking in Lapland