DVD: Best Beaches

DVD: Best Beaches
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Whether you are an intrepid backpacker looking for adventure, or a pleasure seeking hedonist, finding the perfect stretch of coast is one of the top priorities.

Justine Shapiro and her fellow travelers make your task a little easier with a month-by-month guide to some of the world's best beaches. From America to the Caribbean Islands, Europe, Africa, Asia, Micronesia and Australia, visit some of the far-flung shores where they have bathed, surfed, dived and even slept.

Along the way:

  • Hike to the secluded beautiful beaches of Jericoacoara in Brazil
  • Wreck dive a World War Two ship in the Solomon Islands
  • Hang glide above Byron Bay in Australia
  • Go whale watching in La Laguna San Ignacio in Baja California
  • Enjoy a traditional Ayurvedic massage on Varkala beach in India

Enhanced with special additional footage, our guide to Best Beaches invites you to experience heaven on earth.

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